Every summer, our local farmer’s market has a kids’ day, where kids are invited to sell their wares. Our mother/daughter book club participated for a second time this year. The girls and moms baked away one afternoon, and set up shop the next day. The girls decided that the money they earned would go to charity. This year they picked two, because they couldn’t decide on just one. The first was the Green Mountain Club, who is responsible for preserving and protecting the Long Trail, a trail that runs the length of VT. This one was in honor of one of the moms, who got married and hiked the entire trail this summer! The second charity was the Lund Family Center, a local organization that helps so many mothers and children each year. Everyone had a blast, and I hope that it will be a tradition that continues for many years to come.

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Whoa, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. Summer seems to be so greedy that way! But it’s October now, and the leaves are beginning to change (late this year, thanks to some amazing Sept weather!). I’ve been holding out on sharing this session, just for the beauty of autumn to begin. Last October, I was so incredibly lucky to spend a whole afternoon and evening with this family. They talked, laughed, got grumpy, played, cooked and ate, and I got to join them for it all. There is nothing to me like having visual memories of our everyday, to remember all the details, when they’ve been pushed from our memory to our “memory dump” (who saw ‘Inside Out?’). Plus, we all had so much fun doing it. The feedback I got from the family was that they all had a blast, and so did I! So, without further ado, here is “a day in the life” of the L family.



I have known Christine many years now, and she was by my side (but not literally!) as I embarked on my motherhood journey. I couldn’t be happier for her now as she embarks on her own journey. I had the great pleasure of spending a chilly Sunday morning photographing her perfect little family. Welcome to motherhood, Christine, and the wildest, most wonderful, challenging ride you’ll ever take!


  • Shellie Mooney - These are so wonderful! I love all the moments you captured here and he is soooo adorable 🙂

It’s always nice to take a pause. From the winter. From routine. From waking up early every day. We did just that, with a visit to our family in Florida. We walked with herons, played with sticks, explored nature in the rain, kicked a bunch of stones, walked on ocean piers, saw warm sunsets, swam with dolphins, collected shells (and threw back a LOT with critters in them), appeared to levitate at times, did a lot of reading, got new sunglasses, and enjoyed each other and the warm weather. When we returned, I think we all had a better appreciation for our lives back home, even the mundane. It’s always nice to take a pause.


  • Shellie Mooney - So true and what a beautiful place to take a pause 🙂